Taking Steps Towards Positive Change Counselling & Family Support

Assessments & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide specialized support for separating and divorcing families. Mediation, Collaborative Law, Assessments and Reports are all offered to support your family’s unique needs.

Therapeutic Services

Professional services for individuals, couples, families, and children. We support our clients as they navigate through life’s challenges and changes in their lives.

Workshops and groups counselling

We offer workshops and groups related to both separation and divorce and healthy relationships.
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We are here for you

At Peachey Counselling & Family Support we provide professional services for individuals from all walks of life including couples, families, and children. We support our clients as they navigate through life’s challenges and changes in their lives.

Our team of Therapists, both Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists are here to help! Every member of the team has their own specialties, modalities and experience.

Services are provided in downtown Burlington.

If you’re not sure who might best suit your concerns or schedule, please contact our office and we will guide you.

Our Approach

Peachey Counselling & Family Support provides professional counselling and therapeutic services to you and all members of your family. 

We support clients for depression and anxiety, traumatic experiences, stressful life events, and much more.
We believe that with support families, couples, individuals and children can heal, learn, and grow. Each team member has been added to the practice for their expertise and commitment to their work and are here for you.

The practice is also unique as we offer specialized services related to intimate partner violence and separation and divorce. We provide group programs and assessments to aid in your family finding resolution and support during some of your most challenging times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which therapist is best suited for me?

All of our therapists are highly qualified to provide therapeutic support and each have areas of specialty. It’s recommended that you read their bio located under their picture in the “team” section of the website. We also match you based on the time of day that you need services; we have therapists available during the week, evenings and Saturdays.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions that you will need depends on your goals. Some clients require only a few sessions to gain some tools and get things off their chest, while others attended for months as they enjoy having the ongoing support in their lives.

Can you bill my insurance directly?

We do not bill insurance companies directly. After we receive payment, we provide you with a receipt that has all the required information for you to submit the session to your insurance company. Please be sure to check your coverage before booking your session.

What if I don’t click with my therapist?

A good therapeutic relationship is important and as therapists, we understand this. We recommended trying 2-3 sessions with a therapist and if you feel like it’s not the right fit, we are happy to book you with someone else.

My partner and I are separating, where do I start?

Separation and Divorce is overwhelming and we are here to support you. If you have children, please start with our co-parenting workshop.
From there, we offer mediation to create your parenting plan. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Will my therapist fix the issues or concerns that I have, or tell me how to do this?

Therapy is not about having someone fix your life, it’s about gaining tools, reflecting on past or current events and gaining insight into yourself and your experiences.
Your therapist will not work harder than you do so come prepared to work for what you want.

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