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Co-Parenting Workshop

In this 3-hour workshop, that you’re encouraged to attend together, you will learn how to support your children during this challenging time. It will help you to move forward in the separation and divorce process while at the same time, keeping your children’s wellbeing at the heart of all decisions.

Topics discussed include:

– How to talk to your child or children about divorce
– What your children may be feeling or questions they may have
– What behaviours you may see in your child as this transition happens
– How to co-parent when you are no longer together as a couple
– What your legal options are moving forward
– What services are available to couples facing this change

Deciding to separate or divorce can be alarming for everyone in your family and each family member will have many questions about what to expect their new “normal” to look like. Being able to address these answers will help everyone in the family to move through the journey with as little worry as possible.

This workshop is designed to help you prepare for this change and build a sense of calm and control as you move forward. A workbook is provided for each of you to ensure that you are able to take notes during the workshop and review the content as needed.


Co-Parenting Workshop costs $300 per family (1 or 2 parents).

What You Can Expect?

Before joining us, you will likely feel confused and overwhelmed. Parents often wonder if their separation or divorce will “screw up their kids”, which is a very common worry. Many parents are also concerned about how they will make a parenting plan for where their children will live. They can feel anxious, nervous, sad, and scared as they start the journey through this change.

During the workshop, we talk about ways to manage your feelings while still putting your child or children at the heart of this process.

You can expect to leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence to speak to your child about your separation. You will become more comfortable in how to support your children through the process with the understanding of how to put your children first. You will also gain an understanding of your options in moving forward with the separation, and to ensure that plans are created in the least stressful way possible.

Before the workshop, you may be asking yourself:

How do I tell my kids about this new life change?
How can I avoid hurting them up?
What should I look for in their behaviour that tells me that they’re not doing well?
Where will my kids live?
How much is this divorce going to cost me?

After the workshop, you will know what the next steps to take are. We guide you towards where to find answers for questions you may still have. While Peachey Counselling cannot guarantee that all of your questions will be answered, we can guarantee that you will leave this workshop feeling more comfortable in the process, more at ease in the steps to take to move forward and how to successfully put your children first during this transition.


Respectful Relationships Group

Respectful Relationships is a group program for men who have identified personal struggles with abusive or disrespectful behaviours.

The group aims to have men identify behaviours that they would like to change, understand the dynamics of abuse in intimate partner relationships and learn about the impacts of children witnessing conflict.

This group program begins with an individual intake session, followed by 8 weeks of the group program, and finally an individual follow up session.

Please note that this program does not replace the Partner Abuse Response program and is voluntary in nature.

Topics discussed include:

– The various types of abuse
– Healthy Communication
– Gender Roles
– Anger
– Impacts of abuse on partner and children


Each participant must first attend an individual intake session, billed at the cost of a regular therapist session, $140. The cost of the 8 week group program, including the follow up session is $1000.

What You Can Expect?

The Respectful Relationships group is a service we developed to address the unique needs of men who are ready to make changes to the way they participate in their intimate partnerships. This program is designed for men who have behaved in ways that are hurtful, dismissive or distressing to their intimate partner, and are looking for a place to process and learn from these experiences.

Some group members will be joining us of their own accord, while others will have been encouraged to attend by their partners or third parties, such as lawyers or other social workers from various agencies.

Before joining us for this group program, you may be feeling shame, guilt, confusion or anger. Participants often feel that they should be able to manage their behaviour and emotions on their own, or may be in denial that there is an issue with their choices in their relationship at all.

The facilitators of this program very much believe that change is possible, and offer this group to provide a space that is welcoming, non-judgmental, and facilitative of personal growth. It’s important to note that this is not an anger management program.

The material discussed in this program specifically focuses on intimate partner relationships; as the dynamics of these relationships are different from that of any other. Participants are pushed to learn, explore their choices and take accountability for any disrespectful or abusive behaviours that they have used in the past. The group is hard work, and requires a lot of reflection and honesty to create meaningful and lasting change.

Before joining you may be thinking or asking yourself:

Why do I get so angry with my partner
Why can’t I express myself in a healthy way?
Are my partner and children scared of me?
I go from 0 to 100, how can this possibly change?
I don’t get angry with other’s in my life, why is it specific to my partner?
I feel a lot of pressure to lead my household as a man

If you’re willing to work hard, and consider new ideas; this group provides the opportunity to learn about better communication skills, address the build-up of anger, and appreciate the impact of abusive behaviour on both your partner and children. If you’re willing to apply what you learn, you have the opportunity to enjoy a healthier, more respectful and rewarding relationship. 

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