Therapeutic Services


Trauma Therapy

Trauma of various forms has significant impacts on our lives. Trauma can include, abuse, sexual assault, accidents and events. The way we think, feel and behave can change drastically after experiencing trauma. Therapy can make a big difference in minimizing trauma symptoms.


Couples Counselling

Successful relationships and marriages don’t just happen, they take work and maintenance. If you’re looking for a tune-up or are dealing with a significant event, counselling can help. The team at Peachey Counselling & Family Support are here to guide you and your partner to a more fruitful and satisfying relationship


Intimate Partner Violence

The team at Peachey Counselling & Family Support has extensive experience working with survivors or domestic or partner violence. The team has worked with survivors of this type of abuse, male and female perpetrators, as well as, children who have witnessed and have been impacted by domestic violence.


Parenting Skills

Parenting is the toughest job that anyone can do and many people need support or guidance from time to time.

Regardless of your child’s age, there’s always more to learn. Our team works with parents to solve problems and handle the everyday stress of parenting with more ease.


Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common and serious concerns that people attend counselling. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been found to be extremely effective in a short period of time. Each of our team members helps clients move through CBT practices to decrease the anxiety and depression they feel.


Therapy for Children

Separation and Divorce can be very difficult for the whole family. The Peachey Counselling & Family Support Team offers various services in this area including individual support for adults and children. We also provide specialized assistance for parents to learn together how to help their children during this transition.


Reconciliation Therapy

Reconciliation therapy, or reunification therapy, is a highly specialized type of therapy that addresses parent child contact problems following a separation or divorce. This is a complex and involved intervention that requires regular participation of the whole family.

The circumstances that contribute to such a concern are multiple and layered and as such, can take several months of therapeutic work. Families are recommended to be prepared to commit to this process and to be open to in depth therapeutic work.

The goal of this therapy is to minimize a child’s alignment with one parent over another, to implement parenting and communication skills for both parents and to put plans in place to manage challenging co-parenting situations for years to come.

Counselling Fees

60 Minute sessions are $140
90 Minute sessions are $195
60 Minute Reconciliation Therapy sessions are $200

Many extended health benefit programs will cover the cost of counselling with a Registered Social Worker. Additionally, services provided by a Registered Social Worker are tax deductible as a medical expense.

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