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Parenting Plan
A Parenting Plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child or children after separation or divorce. By creating a clear parenting plan, your family can avoid future stress by having a firm plan in place for where the children will live, what their schedule will be, and how information will be passed between the parents, among other things. You may have heard of legal terms such as “custody” and “access” used to refer to these arrangements. A parenting plan does not use legal jargon but rather focuses on the roadmap for family life after a divorce or separation, made by the parents through mediation.

In order to work on a Parenting Plan with a professional, you and your partner (or ex-partner) need to be willing to work together in the best interests of your child(ren). The team at Peachey Counselling & Family Support helps you to negotiate the terms of the agreement and will make suggestions that serves your unique family best. Parenting Plans can be a great way to avoid the stress that comes with the court process.

It is always recommended that you speak to a lawyer prior to finalizing any agreement. Get in touch with Stefanie to find out if creating a Parenting Plan would be helpful for your family.


Family Mediation Services are billed at $200/per hour. Sessions are booked for 2-3 hours at a time and the number of sessions needed depends on the family. Please get in touch to learn more

Voice of the Child Reports
Voice of the Child Reports are one technique to ensure that children have the opportunity to be heard in custody proceedings. It may be ordered by a Judge when there is a contentious matter involving parenting or may be requested by either of the parties involved in the matter. Such a report, sometimes known as the Views of the Child Report, provides information about what the child thinks about his or her life and the issues in dispute between the parents to the court to assist in the decision making the process. The Clinician’s role is to ascertain the independent views and preferences of the child and to provide these views in a formal report to the court.

Psycho-Educational Session for Separating Parents.

This 2-hour session is for parents who are planning to separate and would like to know how to support their children through this major life change. Learn how to tell your children about the changes in the family, how to support them through the transition and what to look for post-separation. While this is helpful to each individual parent, it is also helpful in setting the tone of the separation moving forward to ensure that your children’s needs are of the utmost priority and so you can feel confident in supporting them throughout the process and afterwards.


Voice of the Child Reports are billed at $250 per hour and generally require approximately 10 hours to complete. A retainer of $1000 is required.

Custody and Access Assessments

Section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act allows a judge to order a custody and access assessment in certain circumstances, or for parties to agree to have one completed. These circumstances vary but generally involve serious clinical concerns by the judge such as the mental health of the child, parental alienation, or a concern that one or both parents are unable to care appropriately for the child(ren). The purpose of an assessment is to garner the observations and opinions of a qualified professional who will use this information to make recommendations in a formal report regarding the post-separation custody and access of the child(ren). Please contact Stefanie to discuss this type of assessment in more detail.


An hourly rate of $250 is applied to all assessment-related work and a $6000 retainer is required. Additional fees include travel time, mileage and administrative costs. Custody and access assessments generally require approximately 35-40 hours to complete depending on various factors.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an alternative path from the court system when separating and divorcing. Each party is represented by their own lawyers but work together collaboratively to find resolution with other professionals such as family and financial professionals.

A family professional assists the parties and the lawyers in understanding and managing both their emotional needs, and the emotional needs of their children. Family professionals may assist in coordinating meetings as an unbiased third party, and in parenting plans for the parties children.


An hourly rate of $200 applies to all Collaborative Law work.
Additional feels may include travel, mileage and administrative costs.

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